Khabin Knives – Because Quality is Everything

Article sourced from Bunzl Australia & New Zealand.

Across millennia razor-sharp blades have been viewed with both fascination and fear. They have been the currency of the powerful, and have created legends of those who wield them with success.

Viking marauders conquered a vast empire using heavily crafted long blades, while the Japanese feudal lords swung their delicately balanced samurai with great success. The Romans preferred to be up-close with a short double-edged blade and the Nepalese Gurkhas struck fear into their enemies with their distinctive inwardly curved steels.

All believed a finely crafted blade was a gift from the gods, and the quality and craftsmanship applied when balancing the steel was paramount to their success in the field.

The shape and craftsmanship of these legendary weapons are reflected in today’s selection of professional chef and butcher knives. The shape, quality and craftsmanship of the blade remain as important to the success of the knife (and warrior) as it ever was.

Khabin knives have all been crafted using quality ‘X50CRmOv15 High-Carbon’ German stainless steel. The treatment of the blades ensure they are durable, easy to sharpen and resistant to oxidation. Designed for the professional chef and butcher, the inclusion of the orange santoprene handle guarantees the blade is clearly visible when submerged in water. It also provides greater control when cutting and less slippage when handling.