Fire Rescue Safety Australia (FRSA)

Fire Rescue Safety Australia (FRSA) was acquired by Bunzl plc in 2019, to fit in Bunzl’s ongoing diversification growth strategy through acquisition.

FRSA is a specialist supplier of safety, medical and emergency response equipment throughout Australia and the Asia Pacific regions. The business is based in Perth and operates from five locations across Australia. The market leading position of FRSA in Australia’s provision of emergency response solutions has resulted in its further expansion and development of the operations scope in Australia. FRSA’s customers include government, fire, emergency and defence services, and industrial companies operating in the mining sector.

The vision of FRSA is “To be an integrated partner of those who engage in emergency response across the Asia Pacific region”.

The firm belief of FRSA’s vision combined with their quality up-to-date technology emergency and service solutions, are the key that differentiates FRSA from other emergency services.

FRSA’s explicit product and service range includes:

• Specialised fire / Rescue PPE – Clothing

• Vehicle Extrication

• Confined spaced equipment

• First aid / medical

• Firefighting equipment

• Rope rescue / Fall arrest

• Water rescue

• Service

• Breathing apparatus

• Hazardous materials (HAZMAT)

• Search and rescue

FRSA understands emergency response is a “hands on” industry. FRSA’s employees are highly experienced, passionate about their work and strive to build professional relationship, support and provide solutions to customers on a “Anytime-Anywhere” basis.

The strong desires and commitment of the FRSA team means they strive for excellence in everything they do, including continually improving their business and evolving with customer’s needs. These are key and lead to the success of today’s FRSA.