interpath services

Interpath Services was founded in 1989 and acquired by Bunzl plc in 2017. Based in Melbourne, Interpath is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of laboratory and healthcare-related consumable products. The acquisition of Interpath by Bunzl has enhanced Bunzl’s healthcare business in Australia and extended product offerings into the Australian pathology, medical research, and life science markets.

Interpath Services specialises in the distribution of a range of premium quality laboratory consumable products for the Pathology, Medical Research and Life Science markets. At Interpath, innovation is believed to be the key gateway to assist researchers and medical practitioners in maintaining industry best practices, whilst growing with the ever-changing challenges of modern technology and capability management.

The collaboration between the world’s top premium brands like Greiner Vacuette, Greiner Bio-one, Copan, Socorex, Aerosol Barrier Tips, Biotix, SSI-Scientific Specialties, Excel Scientific, Techno Plas, Vistalab, Cytiva Whatman, allows Interpath to convey the latest, most advanced research and medical products to serves customers and build synergistic solutions for the front-line workers.

The Interpath Services product range is listed below:

• Sanitiser & Hygiene kits

• Culture Medium (Cell culture, Adherence cell culture, Petri dishes etc.)

• Experimental Equipment (Analyser cups, Autoclave bags etc.)

• Experimental Apparatus (Pipette tips, Microcentrifuge tubes, Capillary blood collection tube etc.)

• Safety Eyewear

The strong execution of the company’s philosophy of continuously providing ‘exceptional quality and service’, is combined with the dedication of Interpath’s staff. This plus the specialised product range has made Interpath Services one of the most respected and successful Life Science supply companies in Australia today.