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Atlas McNeil Healthcare

Atlas McNeil Healthcare was acquired by Bunzl plc in 2012, and is part of the Bunzl Australia & New Zealand business. The acquisition of Atlas McNeil Healthcare has provided an excellent addition to Bunzl’s existing healthcare supplies operations in Australia. It expands Bunzl’s current extensive product range offering to current healthcare customers and enhanced market position in this growing healthcare supply sector.

Atlas McNeil Healthcare is a leading distributor of an extensive range of surgical and medical supplies. Atlas McNeil Healthcare provides tailored solutions and personalised service to health care and home care professionals. Key customers of Atlas McNeil Healthcare include nursing homes, hospitals and medical centers.

Atlas McNeil Healthcare cares about their employees, customers, the community, and the environment we live in. This care goes further than just filling orders. It is emphasised by its approach to customer service, executing a regimen of only listing quality products, believing that choice is essential through an unmatched range, and harnessing the size and strength of relationships to offer genuinely untouchable value to the customers. The business also provide customer education training, accreditation, and healthcare seminars run by their experienced staff.

Atlas McNeil Healthcare’s exclusive wide-ranging product range suits different customers’ need across these five product categories:

• Medical equipment

• Medical consumables

• Nutritional

• Wound care

• Face mask and Antiseptic wipes

Atlas McNeil Healthcare customers also enjoy all the benefits of the Atlas McNeil Healthcare Inventory Management System, a personalised inventory management system provided free of charge to all contracted Atlas McNeil Healthcare customers.

Atlas McNeil Healthcare – Community

Atlas McNeil Healthcare Community is a division of Atlas McNeil Healthcare, and is part of the Bunzl Australia & New Zealand business. Atlas McNeil Healthcare Community was developed in 2019, by merging with Victoria Healthcare Products, combining 20 years of industry experience with leading distribution channels and a broader product range. It is a community and home care specialist that specialises in providing medical supplies to those in the aged care and home care community.

Its continued commitment to developing positive relationships within the industry has enabled the division to offer a diverse range of quality products that meets the changing needs and expectations of its customers. It’s wide array of products span across:

• Continence

• Urinary Drainage

• Skincare

• Protective home care products

• Bedding protection

• Nutritional supplements

• Wound care

• Odor & Stain removers

• Children’s products

• Washable briefs

• Swimwear

• SAFEHIP the hip protector

• Bariatric range