Toomac Solutions & Toomac Ophthalmic

Toomac Solutions and Toomac Ophthalmic are family-owned businesses based in New Zealand, originally founded in 1984 under Toomac Holdings Ltd and acquired by Bunzl Asia Pacific in 2022.

Today, Toomac Holdings LTD manage these two divisions. They have upheld the family tradition of putting customers first while maintaining a professional focus, and their team of trained and dedicated staff work together to achieve the company’s objectives.

Toomac Solutions and Toomac Ophthalmic offer a variety of products and services, ranging from fitting and customisation services, and orthopaedic equipment to diagnostic machines and surgical equipment. Toomac takes pride in their customer focus and provide high-quality products with excellent customer service. Its team is committed to finding solutions for customers, communicating, and collaborating with them to achieve the best possible results.

With a team of highly skilled and experienced professionals, state-of-the-art medical equipment, and a commitment to excellence in everything they do, Toomac Solutions and Toomac Ophthalmic are trusted partners for healthcare providers across New Zealand. The organisation’s core value of putting customers first is upheld by all team members, as they continue to support the business’s growth and success.