Introducing Erin Smith, Contracts Administrator at our Bunzl Safety, Erskine Park office in New South Wales. Erin started as a casual in 2017 helping with data entry part time in the warehouse following the birth of her son four months earlier.
From here, Erin started working on the warehouse floor and following Christmas, she was asked to be a permanent member of the warehouse team. Two years passed before Erin took the opportunity to become a part of the Customer Care team when a role became available. Again, after a two-year stint, Erin moved into her current role where she helps to maintain customer contracts, facilitates new tenders and maintains pricing.
Erin enjoys the stable environment that Bunzl provides her after many years moving around the country and having to take various jobs. As a busy mum, her role works in with her personal life giving her the balance she needs but also providing opportunities for growth.
As a person who thrives off a challenge and moving onwards and upwards, Erin has loved moving into her new role but is also proud of her growth through the COVID pandemic.
She’s excited to see where her job takes her next, hoping to be involved with larger contracts, to have the experience of supporting customers who are important to our economy.