This is Seven Ni, an employee from our Global Sourcing business operating in China. Seven has been with the business for 9 years where he worked as a Factory Auditor for many of those before moving to Factory Audit Supervisor in 2019 where he currently remains now.
A core part of the Global Sourcing team’s work is to audit Bunzl suppliers to ensure the highest of standards in the products we source and the factories they are acquired from. When Seven began in the business, this was a fundamental part of his role and at the time, he was involved with around 90 audits per year.
The team strived to ensure continuous improvements with their suppliers to bring them up to required standards. The team held multiple workshops with new suppliers each year to cover best practice, zero tolerance issues and support them in continuing to be a Bunzl supplier.
Now, as a supervisor, one of Seven’s many responsibilities is managing our Supplier Data Management System (SDMS) that was established in conjunction with our local team IT team in Australia. His biggest achievement is that Bunzl employees all over the world enquire about the SDMS!
Seven is excited about future prospects in managing Bunzl suppliers on social accountability outside of the confounds of Asia.