Check Out: Easy Care

Article sourced from Bunzl Australia & New Zealand.

In a time when we’re particularly conscious about hygiene, it pays to be prepared. One way to promote healthy hygiene practices is by providing your workers and customers with a Bunzl Care Kit or Bunzl Care Pack to carry with them in their bags and pockets when they’re out and about.

These are convenient hygiene sets that contain essentials such as hand sanitiser, face masks and handwipes. The Bunzl Care Kit, for instance, includes a 60ml bottle of hand sanitiser, two sanitising hand towels and a disposable face mask, all packaged within a resealable pouch. The slightly more lightweight Bunzl Care Pack offers the same, but without the sanitiser.

If you are a company or organisation working across healthcare or hospitality, these are the ideal kits to hand out to your staff so they can keep themselves germ-free, and to customers and clients so they can do the same.

More than ever, company bosses owe a duty of care to staff and customers to help them maintain good health and avoid unnecessary illness. The Bunzl Care Kits and Packs can also be customised, with stylish branded designs added — so there’s never any excuse to be without one.