Hillrom Welch Allyn Updates Its Diagnostic Sets and Equipment

Hillrom Welch Allyn has long been among the top medical equipment manufacturers, regularly supplying industry-standard technology to medical professionals and healthcare facilities around the world.

Innovation balanced with durability and reliability has always been at the core of the company’s ethos, and the new range of diagnostic kits from Hillrom and Welch Allyn are a prime example of this approach. 

Building upon a reputation for producing easy-to-use diagnostic tools which offer excellent visibility, these latest tools have once again set a benchmark; providing versatility, durability, and new hardware which will allow for patients to become more involved in the process of examination and diagnosis. 

Let’s take a closer look at the new diagnostic tools and the equipment that pushes these critical devices ahead of the crowd. 

New Hillrom Welch Allyn 3.5V Ophthalmoscope and Otoscope Portable Diagnostic Set

The most significant updates that Hillrom Welch Allyn has made to its diagnostic range can be found in the Portable Diagnostic Set. These updates include the new PanOptic+ Ophthalmoscope head, the new MacroView+ Otoscope head, the New iExaminer Smart Bracket, and the Lithium Ion+ USB Handle. We’ll explore each of these in more detail below. 

PanOptic+ Ophthalmoscope head

The new PanOptic+ Ophthalmoscope head is a  versatile tool that can be used to supplement many physical examinations. Both the PanOptic Basic head and the new PanOptic+ offer a viewing area 20x larger than a standard ophthalmoscope.

This allows for faster, more accurate examinations, making them more comfortable for both patients and medical practitioners. Both heads also come with built in LED lamps, which last significantly longer than standard bulbs. The PanOptic+ comes with several further benefits.

This new head comes with Quick Eye alignment lights, which help to guide the patient’s gaze quickly and accurately. The new head also incorporates a full range of apertures and filters for eye testing. Most excitingly, it is digitally capable and compatible with the iExaminer SmartBracket, which allows for instant feedback onto smart devices for recording and sharing.

Finally, this head is incredibly robust. Containing DuraShock Technology, the PanOptic+ head is significantly more drop-proof than competing ophthalmoscopes, preventing unwanted delays and costly replacements in the event of an accident.

MacroView+ Otoscope Head 

The MacroView and the new MacroView+ offer a viewing area 3x larger than conventional otoscopes, and when combined with the new Hillrom Welch Allyn Lumiview Clear Disposable Ear Specula, offer an image 8x brighter than when using a black ear speculum. Both come with an integrated LED bulb and Durashock GTechnology, whilst the new MacroView+ is, like the new PanOptic+, digitally compatible with the new iExaminer. 


The new iExaminer SmartBracket allows medical practitioners to enhance their PanOptic+ and MacroView+ examinations, by integrating smart devices into diagnostic tools. By using the iExaminer Pro App (which is freely available on the Appstore and Google Play) the SmartBracket offers a digital view of examinations, which can be recorded and shared for later examination and diagnosis. It also offers an excellent opportunity for medical practitioners who want to include patients in the medical process. 

Lithium Ion + USB-C Diagnostic Handle 

Like all other Welch Allyn 3.5V Power Handles, the Lithium Ion + USB-C Handle is equipped with a dimming rheostat for total control over light-levels emitted from whichever head is equipped, allowing for rapid adjustment to improve practitioner visibility and patient comfort. Lithium ion models have 120 minutes (double) the on time of standard NiCad handles, and the new USB-C model also has the ability to fast charge to 75% in 20 minutes, meaning that you’ll ever be out of power.

Organisation Tools 

The new Hillrom Welch Allyn Diagnostic tools are also available as part of desk sets, which allow you to reap the benefits of the new tools, whilst integrating them into an easily organised work environment. 

The PanOptic+ MacroView+ Desk Set for use with the new USB-C chargers offers an excellent solution for keeping your diagnostic tools constantly accessible and ready for use. With integrated charging indicators, this desk-set allows you to rest assured that your PanOptic+ ophthalmoscope and MacroView+ otoscope are always ready to go.

With additional storage for the iExaminer SmartBracket, the desk set ensures that your diagnostic suite is quickly and easily available in one place. Desk sets are also available with a wall-mount kit, or to match Basic diagnostic heads and handles.

A range of wall sets are also available, for space-saving organisation of your diagnostic tools. These range from the simple PanOptic+ MacroView+ iExaminer Wall Set to the Series 777 Integrated Wall Set, which features both diagnostic heads, a Specula Dispenser, SureTemp, and an Aneroid Sphygmomanometer. 

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