On a Roll

Article sourced from Bunzl Australia & New Zealand.

If you work in a busy kitchen, it can be easy to take for granted the tools and accessories you use every day to perfect your job. Take baking paper as a prime example: you might not thank your lucky stars every time you tear off a piece from the roll, but the fact is, you’d soon struggle without it.

Not so long ago, before baking paper had been developed, cooks would use regular paper – and the hazards of placing this near a naked flame are pretty obvious. Instead, manufacturers reformulated parchment paper – a kind of paper invented by the Ancient Egyptians thousands of years ago – using an acid-wash technique that gave it its familiar non-stick, smooth finish.

Now, Katermaster have innovated this crucial kitchen staple even further by developing baking paper with Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC®-C117930) certification. Comprising 90.5% pure wood pulp, 2.5% starch, 2% silicone and 5% water, it’s made with materials from forests and other sources that comply with rigorous environmental and social standards.

It also carries the HACCP International certification mark, indicating that it’s a foodsafe-contact product, meeting industry expectations, legislation and GSFI (Global Food Safety Initiative) endorsed standards.

And for all of its green credentials, the Katermaster baking paper offers a surface which is flat, bright and free of bubbles and bumps – ideal for anything from baking bread and cakes to serving fish and chips.

So, no matter whether you’re in a healthcare facility or a hotel, a star-studded restaurant or a staff canteen, this is an environmentally friendly product that will serve you perfectly.