The Right Roll

Article sourced from Bunzl Australia & New Zealand.

No matter your industry, every business relies on efficiency to make headway – and turn a profit. In the main, that means running operations smoothly and maximizing the value of any outgoings.

When it comes to loading goods for transit, however, whether you’re in food processing, manufacturing or heavy industry, too often this kind of efficiency is overlooked – especially where pallet wrap is concerned.

In short, using the correct plastic wrap to secure your goods for transportation can potentially save your business thousands of dollars in transport costs and damaged products each year, plus precious time in loading, while also making sure less plastic goes into landfill. So, not just a win-win then, but a win-win-win.

Many businesses consider the wrong questions when choosing which wrap to use, lured by the apparently cheaper up-front prices when focusing on cost per roll, cost per metre or cost per kilogram. The fact is that cheaper rolls often contain less wrap, meaning more rolls need to be used and so you end up spending more money.

You may also find that the thickness of the wrap isn’t what you require: in fact, this is where the safety and integrity of your goods should be your most important concern. You need to understand the yield of stretch film and its cost in use rather than the raw roll cost. For oversized, heavy or irregular-shaped pallets, for instance, a thicker film will protect the load from puncturing or moving during transportation and may allow you to use less film per pallet.

A thicker gauge used on the right machine set with the right parameters, however, will result in less wrap used and fewer breakages. In other words, less money spent, less time lost and less plastic wasted.

Advantage Plastics have a range of high-quality pallet wraps suitable for a variety of loads through any pallet-wrapping machine. Not only does it allow for up to 300% stretch, high clarity and load stability, but the low gauge and light weight ensures it has a low impact on the environment and consistently performs at a high standard.

This Advantage Plastics range uses less film per pallet due to its stretch capabilities. You can wrap pallets with the same number of revolutions while reducing plastic waste and cutting costs.

And when you’re thinking of efficiency, it’s exactly what you need.