The Best Watches for Nurses and Medical Professionals

Nurses and medical professionals in general are proof that not all heroes wear capes, but they do all wear good watches! Nurses watches are an integral part of a medical professionals kit, since time keeping is such an important aspect of the job. Watches allow medical professionals to keep a track of time and record patients’ vitals such a heartrate and pulse readings, schedule medication, and document everything with absolute precision and timeliness. Reliable watches are therefore pivotal to those working in the medical industry and for that reason we’ve put together a list of our best 7 watches for medical professionals which are all available to order right here right now at Medshop.

Note: This list doesn’t follow any specific order, which means that the first watch isn’t necessarily better than the last. This list was put together in order to offer you a variety and choice of some of our favourite watches at Medshop. Regardless of whether you’re into fobs or straps, our list of best medical watches is bound to have something here that every student, nurse, doctor, assistant, caregiver or any other medical professional will love!

Silicone Nursing Fob Watch

If you have ever wondered what kind of watches nurses wear, here’s your answer. Receiving a fob watch is almost like a rite of passage for new nurses and many other professionals in the medical industry. Silicone fob watches are possibly the most popular watches among nurses in the whole of healthcare, due to a number of different reasons.

Fob watches are extremely convenient as they simply attach to your lapel, or pocket, which is perfect if you have to conform to the ‘bare below the elbow’ rule. Because of this, the fob watch is also our most hygienic watch, and generally harbours significantly less bacteria than a wrist watch. Additionally, they make great pocket watches when you’re off the job.

The clock is upside down to ensure that it’s easy to quickly read in any situation. Our fob watches feature a silicone finish, glow in the dark hands on the watch dial, quartz movement, and 12-month warranty. We also have five different color options of the silicone finish available to appeal to anybody’s taste.

Perfect for anyone who doesn’t like, or simply can’t wear, a watch on their wrist and anybody who values versatility and style. Fob watches are essentially the number one all rounder when it comes to watches in the medical sector.

Prestige Student Scrub Watch

The Prestige Medical student scrub watch is is a great watch for medical and nursing students. This watch is suitable for a range of wrist sizes and feels like you’re wearing nothing at all. Not only is this watch affordable and practical, it is also stylish in the most minimal sense. Our Prestige scrub watch has a load of useful features such as a quartz movement, a silicone band, and a plastic case.

This watch is definitely one of the best watches for medical students who are aspiring to become nurses or doctors and is incredibly popular among medical professionals for a for its functionality, durability, and battery life.

Prestige Glow Lapel Watch

Our Prestige glow lapel watch is incredibly popular thanks to its luminescent glow, chrome case, glass lens, stylish chain band, red second hand and black hour markers. This nurse watch is also loved by doctors, students, assistants and so many more. This is not without good reason, however, as these timepieces are designed specifically to meet the needs of all medical professionals working both day and night shifts.

Like all of our other attachable watches this watch is easy to read thanks to the clock being upside down and is beautiful to look at thanks to its fashionable chrome finish—as well as being a great heart rate monitor device. This one is great for students or long established professionals who are seeking something a little different to the classic silicone strap fob watches.

Prestige Analog Watch for Stethoscopes

Another option for those who won’t or simply can’t wear watch bands or straps, this Prestige analog stethoscope watch attaches directly onto your other favourite tool as a medical professional allowing you to use and utilise both at the same time. This watch also comes with both a 12 and 24 hour face, quartz movement and a water resistant case, because you never know when you’ll need it. This watch is extremely popular amongst doctors and nurses who you will never catch without a stethoscope wrapped around their neck.

This watch suits anybody who has to abide by the bare below the elbow rule and isn’t a fan of any kind of fob watches. It’s extremely practical, easy to read, and hard to lose. Our analog stethoscope watch is available in different colours such as classic black and white and in black with a dazzling galaxy background.

Classique Nursing Watch

This high-quality and easy to use Classique nursing watch puts a spin on the silicone fob watches we’ve already mentioned above. Arguably the most versatile and stylish of all the nursing watches available, the Classique offers fantastic value for money as it brings together all the best aspects of other watches we have available—with a classic white dial to boot.

This unisex watch can be worn in the traditional clip-on style, on a lanyard, on a lapel or on an extending retractor. It features both time and date display, glow in the dark numbers, stainless steel case offers water resistant up to 50m for peace of mind in wet environments.

This is the all-round perfect watch for anybody who doesn’t mind spending a little bit extra for one of the top watches for nurses. The iconic watch faces of these models means it’s easy to read dials and also makes an incredible gift for any graduating student nurse or doctor and is available in gold, rose gold, and stainless steel.

Prestige High Fashion Leather Watch

This high-fashion leather strap watch by Prestige is specifically designed for medical professionals who don’t want to sacrifice style for the sake of practicality. The leather band offers something slightly different to most medical workers watches and is as comfortable as it is fashionable. This specific timepiece offers a quartz watch movement with a battery included, a chrome metal case, a leather band, and glass dial window. With a variety of different colours to choose from that all offer excellent readability, this sort of watch wouldn’t be out of place at work or out on the town.

Prestige Wilshire Premium Watch

Last but certainly not least on our list of best watches for medical professionals is the Prestige Wilshire premium watch. This watch features water resistance and would look just as good at work as it would in a restaurant, as a rugged sport watch, or simply worn around the house. It’s absolutely an all-purpose watch with its stainless steel caseback, buckle etched detailing, and mineral crystal display. The soft silicone strap offers extreme comfort and the watch is meticulously assembled using only Japanese made quartz movement.

This is considered one of the best watches for doctors and is a great value and effortlessly stylish watch for anybody who is looking for something they can wear in both their professional and personal life.

For more information of nursing watches and timepieces for other medical professionals, check out the Medshop site or contact us today.