Infection Prevention and Control in Endoscopy 2021

The recent guidelines published by GENCA this year, for the ‘Infection Prevention and Control in Endoscopy 2021’ recommends that Endoscopy services should consider multidosing of injectate (e.g. used for endoscopic mucosal resection) protocols carefully when developing their policies and procedures for best practice. GENCA further advises that for optimal safety and precaution “a single-use pre-prepared syringe of proprietary injectate should be used”, rather than multidosing from a single source – which should be avoided. Outbreaks of blood-borne virus infections in endoscopy have largely been linked to breaches of protocol involving the use of multiple-dose vials or solution containers related to anaesthetic practices. Obex recommends EverLift™, manufactured by GI Supply. EverLift™ is a single-patient use pre-mixed and pre-filled syringe and aligns with best practice in the most recent guidelines published by GENCA. If you’d like to know more about how EverLift™ could be used within your Endoscopy practice please call and speak to our specialist Endoscopy team on 0800- 656-239.

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